19 Mindblowing Stupid Things Bought by Millionaires

We all have dreams of winning the lottery, right? Well, some people are just filthy right. Either they worked hard for it, inherented it, or they just happen to do stuff that’s not very legal. What people do with their money is often mind blowing. I looked up the craziest stuff millionaires did with their money. I promise you this, you won’t be dissapointed.

1. A $16,000 dollar haircut (?)

Yep, you read it right. The Sultan of Brunei actually paid abour $16,000 for a haircut. That’s a year-salary right there. To get a haircut like that, you also need a special cabin for the barber ofcourse. And I’m really sorry dude but that’s not a nice haircut.

Please note, theSsultan of Brunei isn’t one of the smartest as he also spent about 14 million dollar on a Rolls Royce. Oh well.

2. A $48 million dollar diamond Mercedes

Another good example of spending money well; Saudi prince Alwaleed has purchased a custom-made Mercedes-Benz that reportedly cost $48 (!!!!) million dollar to make. And again, it’s ugly.

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