20 Celebrities Who You Won’t Recognize After Surgery

Ah, Hollywood. Where people get made. Literally. Staying young will ensure more happiness and whealth, and there’s no shortage of cosmetic surgons to make sure that happens. These 20 celebrities tried to keep young. Some actually made it work. Other..

1. Mickey Roarke

Angel Heart actor Mickey Rourke used to have a pretty looking face that would drive the girls crazy. It changed a little bit. He looks more like a Batman villain. Although Mickey suffered multiple injuries due to boxing, the reconstructive surgery was not ALL needed. Roarke even admitted going to the “the wrong guy” for his surgeries. We still think he looks bad-ass though.

2. Katie Price

The famous TV personality makes no secret of her cosmetic surgery. She visits a clinic every year to have work done on her face and body. Thusfar she’s had liposuction, a nose job, five (!) boob jobs, Botox, and facial fillers. Last September’s botched surgery may have finally convinced her to stop. “This is the last time I will have surgery on my face,” she said after recently undergoing a procedure to fix the last one. We agree!

3. Renée Zellweger

The Bridget Jones actress has always been beautiful, but lately looks a bit different from what we remember. Even though she denied having any work done, she told People magazine “.. she’s in a better place and it might be showing”. Well, we’d like to find that better place too, Renée!

4. Tara Reid

The beautiful Tara Reid admits she had surgery done and regrets it: especially the breast implants. She does look different, but still beautiful as always. Good reminder that when you really don’t NEED surgery, you shouldn’t do it.

5. Michael Jackson

A musical legend as well as a legend in general, Michael Jackson kept feet moving and mouths talking. At the beginning of his career, Michael was a handsome guy with natural hair. At the end of his career, surgery and bleaching made him look a particular way. Michael always denied having any form of surgery, which is hard to understand looking at the photos. 

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