20 Celebrities Who You Won’t Recognize After Surgery

6. Sharon Osborne

The always stunning Sharon Osborne has had a challenging relationship with rockstar Ozzy, but is one of those people who don’t seem to break. Even though she had quite alot of work done on her face (and whatnot), she still looks fresh and stunning – even more so recently! Go Sharon!

7. Lara Flynn Boyle

 Lara might be one of the most beautiful women to ever take stage in Hollywood. Her face started changing in the early 2000’s when she was dating Jack Nicholson. Even though that may not be the reason she had all the surgery, it seems to have gotten worse since. Shame.

8. Heidi Montag

“The Hills”-star Heidi had pretty much everything done, but still looks quite stunning. Hats off to you Heidi. Say hi to Spence from us!

9. Lil’ Kim

 Lil’ Kim was the one who made way for Nicki Minaj and other female rappers we see in the charts nowadays. In her private life, she seems a bit confused. Rumors about skin bleaching are roaming, and she looks nothing like she used to. Her cosmetic surgeon should get a kick in the face. 

10. Janice Dickinson

Former model-turned-TV-host Janice Dickinson has always relied on her looks in some way, and she used to be beautiful! Nowadays, her face look disproportioned and overdone: a natural look would be much better in our opinion. 

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