20 Pretty Scary Facts That Will Keep You Awake Tonight

It is undeniable that we like scary stuff. There’s a reason for it too: once we experienced fear – whether that may be from a horror movie or real life – we feel ALIVE. As I’m not a big fan of horror movies, I’d rather go around the internet and collect scary facts. The following 20 are sometimes weird, sometimes obvious but all quite scary. My favorites are #3 and #16. Sleep well. 

1. A cockroach once lived inside a woman’s ear.

New Atlas

Imagine waking up due to intense pain in the air. That’s not too much of a weird thing, right? Imagine going to the Emergency Room because of this pain and finding out there’s a living cockroach in your air. 


It happened to a woman in the United States. The doctors were able to kill the bug, but a specialist had to remove the bug. That’s a dead cockroach in your ear for a night. 

2. German tourists once found a body under their hotel-bed.

Pixabay / Pexels

Everyone gets to see a dirty hotel room in their lifetime. This German couple were quite hesitant to look under the bed where the smell was coming from, but once they did, they found a decomposing body of an elderly man. I think they checked out. 

3. Commercial airplanes keep disappearing without any sign of them. 

Pixabay / Pexels

Since 1948, more than 90 airplanes have disappeared without any evidence what happened to them. You would think something as big as an airplane couldn’t disappear, but there’s a lot of ocean on this planet. 

4. Fishy Tuna.

Tookapic / Pexels

In 2012, due to a crazy accident, a Bumble Bee Foods employ was cooked in an industrial oven with 12.000 pounds of canned tuna. Don’t worry, the tuna never hit the stores. 

5. A couple in Toronto once received photos of themselves watching Netflix. 


A hacker broke into the laptop while the couple was watching Netflix and took photo’s of the couple. 

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