6 Facts You Think Are True But Are Really Propaganda

We tend to believe the things we hear and see, but fake news is not invented by Donald Trump. We listed 20 facts you probably think are true, but in reality were made up as propaganda.

1. Carrots are good for the eyes.

Mali Maeder / Pexels

During WWII, the Brits wanted to keep their radar a secret from the Germans. They started to campaign their pilots had night-vision due to eating a lot of carrots. It’s war propoganda! Check out more food facts here.

2. You need multivitamins to function.

Pixabay / Pexels

Due to a hardworking lobby, multivitamins are part of life. Research has never shown ANY effect of multivitamins. Want to make sure you get al your vitamins in? Eat fruit and vegetables in a balanced diet.

3. Bottled water is better than tap water.

Pixabay / Pexels

Better yet: it IS tap water. Somewhere along the line people started thinking it was better to drink bottled water, but it’s nothing more than repackaging. And a environmental nightmare due to the plastic.

4. Women have always shaved their legs and armpits.

Before WWI, women used to have hair on their legs and armpits. In 1915, Gilette told them they should shave. And thus shaving began.

5. The vagina needs soap to be cleansed.


It really doesn’t: the vagina is self-cleansing, but the hygiene industry found a way to make women believe you need soap to clean it. With idiotic slogans as the “24-hour odor block”.

6. Top Gun.

Top Gun

Now ofcourse, Top Gun is not a true story. But did you know that, in order to reduce cost, the producers made a deal with the US government to borrow some of their military stuff. In return, the movie should spark a little recruitment action. It worked. After Top Gun, enlistment spiked.

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