9 Facts About North Korea That Are Pretty Crazy

We all know North Korea is not the most normal country in the world, and that might be an understatement. Fact is: we don’t really know what is going on there. Rumors say there is a great shortage of food and water due to exhausted resources. Also due to bad relations with Western countries that could support the country – it’s a shame people have to suffer because of one person, especially in this period of time. 

We have gathered these facts about North Korea: some are fun, some are spooky – all are quite interesting. 

1. You are allowed to cut your hair in 14 pre-described ways, according to law.

North Korean allowed haircuts and more facts

Say goodye to having your own style: in North Korea you can choose from 14 different haircuts. It’s like a hipster barbershop.

2. If anyone visits North Korea as a tourist, he or she has to submit their electronics at the international airport. You’ll receive them again while leaving.

Skitterphoto / Pexels

This way, North Korea can make sure no strange images/video’s cross the borders. As you can imagine, there is something to hide. North Korea suffers great poverty, for example.

3. They have made a city at the border which they share with South Korea. No one lives there. It’s sole intention is to attract South Koreans.

North Korea's fake bordertown and more facts
Times New York / US Military

Although this tactic does not seem to be very successful: the other way around may be more useful! The photo is the actual town. 

4. There has been a ‘100 percent voting’ ’till date observed in the country. People have to vote. There’s no question about it.

King Jong Un voting in North Korea, and more facts

Not voting is not an option, there’s even a punishment – therefore, people tend to go. 

5. Cities have massive statues of leaders but no one is allowed to stare at them, everyone has to bow down.

Statues in North Korea
Daily Mail

As bowing down is sign of “showing respect” to their “great” leaders, people are not to look up to the statues. 

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